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Tulip is the most popular spring flower bulb

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Tulip is the most popular spring flower bulb

Growing Tulips in Your Garden

Flower garden looks beautiful when it is full of colorful flowers. All the flowers do not bloom throughout the year. If you plant the single type of flower in your garden, your garden will bloom for the particular season and will remain without flowers for rest of the time. Hence, to keep your garden bloomed throughout year, it is important that you choose the flowering plants with differing blooming period. In this way your garden will remain full of flowers all the year. Different flower plants also require different care. Hence, one must know all the basic flower gardening tips to take proper care of all types of plants.

Tulip is the most popular spring flower bulb. It is available in variety of colors and forms. Tulips are originally native of Middle East but they are considered to be from Holland. Tulips are the bear shaped flowers. They are available in variety of colors but the blue tulips are most popular. They can be double or single, fringed or twisted and aromatic or scentless. Tulips have broad leaves and are interesting flowers available in different sizes. When you are planning to grow tulips, you should follow the flower gardening tips to plant tulips. Below are some tips those will make the idea clear in your mind.

Planting Tulips in Your Garden

Tulips require fairly sandy and well drained soil for proper growth. The best season for planting them is from October to December.

If you are planting the tulips along with the other flower bulbs, the best idea is to plant them before planting tulips so that the tulip bulb doesn’t get damage. Tulips grow well in sandy type of soil. Sandy soil provides good drainage that is essential for good flowering. For better results, plant the bulbs in October or November. The depth of planting tulip should be three times the length of the bulb.

Tulip is a disease resistant plant. However, it can be affected by “Tulip Fire” disease that results in the deformed or stunted plant. When you are growing the tulips, make sure that you keep sufficient gap between two bulbs. Overcrowding can also cause problem in your garden. After the completion of the flowering season, it is good to shed off the leaves of tulip to offer it a resting period. But the best way is to let the leaves die off naturally.

When you are planting the tulips, it is important to plant them 6-8 inches deep in soil. Keep the soil moist by adding water regularly after planting. Do not water-log the area. Tulips require cool conditions for blooming. The pre-cooled bulbs are available for winter China security floodlight Suppliers planting and they must be considered as annuals and replaced yearly.

Tulips make excellent cut flower. They generally last for a week. When you are using them in bouquet, add little sugar to the water to prolong the life of the flowers. Planting the beautiful tulips with varied colors in your garden will make your garden look attractive and beautiful.

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